I provide a specialized and intensive treatment called Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), which is suitable for a wide range of common mental health problems. I’m also trained to work with medically unexplained symptoms and people who’ve had multiple failed treatments. Because of the intensity and depth of the treatment I provide, most people experience symptom relief faster than usual, and the depth of the work gets at the core of the problem leading to lasting relief. It’s not enough to just make the symptoms go away - we seek to understand why they’re there in the first place so that in the future, post-therapy, the symptoms don’t come back.


Many of my patients have wound up in my office after finding that other treatment approaches focused too much on managing symptoms, developing “skills”, learning to use breathing techniques and focusing on only conscious material. Even the patient knew that their therapist was missing something. Patients who benefit the most from my approach are internally motivated to make real and substantial change, and have a tolerance for anxiety and strong emotions as we quickly hone in on the central problem. They, like me, roll up their sleeves as we take a deep dive into the issue. 


Here’s one other thing to know about my practice. I take my patients, their problems and their healing seriously. To that end, I video record all sessions when you're in the office - it’s part of the ISTDP protocol. In the event that I’m uncertain about something that happened in the session, or if I’m unclear why an intervention had such a positive or negative response, you can expect that I’ll be reviewing the recording in between sessions to better tailor my approach to your individual needs. Because I do this, you benefit.


If this approach sounds promising to you, please contact me to schedule a trial therapy.