I provide consulting to organizations that employ or hope to employ licensed mental health professionals. Multidisciplinary settings often have difficulty utilizing behavioral health providers effectively due to a lack of understanding about how mental health treatment is delivered differently than traditional medicine. As mental health providers have the most restrictive ethical codes of any medical profession, these can often clash with organizational policies and procedures, having leaders believing mental health providers are trouble makers, and mental health providers believing management cares little for their unique regulatory, licensing and ethical constraints. 

My role as a consultant is to help you understand how to effectively integrate mental health providers towards the goal of holistic treatment based upon best practices, help you shape organizational policy and procedures so that mental health providers can do their work, managers can see positive outcomes and financial realities are respected.

Common problems you may like to address are:

  • productivity requirements for billable hours

  • therapist turnover

  • appropriate caseload size

  • adjusting policies based upon a patient's clinical need (call a no-show, or let them reschedule?)

  • working as an interdisciplinary team while respecting a patient's right to privacy in the therapeutic relationship

  • no-show/cancel rates leading to therapist demoralization and financial loss to the organization