I offer clinical supervision to new therapists working towards licensure in the State of Vermont. Here's a few reasons you might consider working with me to supervise your clinical hours:

1. I have extensive post-graduate training as a therapist, allowing me to help you develop strong skills as a clinician, such as working with high resistance patients, developing and maintaining an instrapsychic focus, understanding the interactions between defense, emotion and anxiety, etc.

2. You can bill for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and Vermont Medicaid under my license, known as incident-to billing. Finding patients who want to pay out of pocket for a brand new therapist is highly unlikely - taking insurance increases the likelihood of establishing a sizable caseload of patients and allowing you to reach your required number of hours for licensure.

3. With the Office of Professional Regulation now allowing supervision via teleconference, there's a good chance after the pandemic is over that we can continue that, allowing you to work with me regardless of where you're located in Vermont.