If you're going to meet online for psychotherapy, here's a few tips to make the experience better:

1. Use headphones or earbuds with built in microphones. If you don't, the sound of my voice is fed back through your microphone and I get to hear myself twice.

2. Make sure you're close to your internet router. The farther away you are, the more likely we will be to experience poor video quality and sync issues between audio and video. You will need at least 1.5 Mbps or higher with a latency of less than 50ms for good call quality. You can test your connection here.


3. If you're using a smartphone, please put it on something and don't hold it. If you hold it, you're likely to move it around a lot, which is distracting and can lead to motion sickness on my end.


4. If a video call ends due to software, a device, or poor internet connection, I will always attempt to reconnect, and if not successful, call you at the number I have on file. 


5. Sit with a light source towards your face, not behind you. If a bright light is behind you, the video camera exposes for the bright light, leaving your face dark and making it hard to read facial expressions.